There are many excellent reasons to have your own web site but the most important one is so that more people will be able to find you in the sea of competition.  In today's fast pace society  we are all looking for ways to get our personal chores done faster so we will have more time to do the really important tasks in life, like spending time with family and friends.  It is also true that in today’s technology dominated world, over 70% of the people will search first on the internet when they need any kind of products or personal services.  That is why most businesses are turning to the internet so that they can be available 24/7 when their customers need them, even if their customer should happen to live in Stockholm.
We specialize in the small business and non-profit organizations who feel they need to have a presents on the Internet but do not want or can't afford those sites with all the glitz and glamour of a Broadway Show marquee.  Each web site that we design is custom designed and focused on the individual business owner or organization  so that you will get the feel of the person and the business rather than some impersonal cookie cutter design package where one size fits all.
It’s a Jungle out there and you need a competitive edge if you ‘re going to make it!
Why You Should Consider Going On Line
About Our Design and Maintenance Services
Hi, I'm Jim and I own and operate Jim's Web Design.  For about the last10 to 12 years I have worked with Graphics Design and Publishing venues and enjoy the creative challenge, so when I found that there was a need in the community for an internet presents by small organizations that did not have the huge budgets to allow them to contract it out, I decided to seek out some of these organizations and offer my services at reduced rates, so the little guy can afford to compete in cyberspace.  Please check out the rest of my site and if I can be of service, you may contact me directly Monday through Friday at (408) 858-3329.
We Will Assist You:

  • In providing the detailed definitions of the data to be included in the website and to provide any special graphics in an  acceptable format .

  • Although you are fully liable for data included in the published site and agree to review and approve all data before publication.  We will however attempt to help mitigate all data or information errors.

  • Data errors for whatever cause, when reported to the Webmaster, will be corrected without penalty within 24 hours of notification.
Site Maintenance Shall Include:

  • All Webmaster administrative duties ensuring the function and serviceability of the website.  (Does not include those functions and responsibilities attributable to the hosting organization)

  • 8 hours per month of update services including changes as required by the client.  At the discretion of the designer additional hours will be charged at design rate.

  • Update as necessary all calendars and other time and date sensitive data included on the website.

  • Maintain all price lists and catalogs included on the website without recourse to the designer.  (overall website data is the responsibility of the client who assumes  full liability for the information contained.)  Data errors for whatever cause, when reported to the Webmaster, will be corrected without penalty within 24 hours of notification.
Our Design And Maintenance Packages Include
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