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Basic Service Rates and Fees
[ Standard Static Design and Maintenance Only]

These prices are subject to change and may very depending on the specific requirements as defined in the service agreement.  Stated rates are minimum small business rates available and will probably be higher for major commercial sites.

Web Site Design:

Design and Layout (1-5 pages) ----- $65.00 per Hour
With Maintenance Contract  ------------$55.oo per Hour

Add On Pages (Page 6 & Up) ————$45.00 per Hour
Re-Design and Layout --------------- $45.00 per Hour
No Fault Repair/Correction -------- $ No Charge

Domain Name Registration:

Basic Setup Fee ----------------------- $100.00
Monthly maintenance ----------------$ 12.50*
*(W/maintenance contract)----------------------   $ No Charge

Web Site Maintenance:
Monthly Fees ------------------------   $100.00
Annual Fees -------------------------- $900.00
(Includes Domain fees)

Mail Box Services:
Basic Setup    ------------------------- $145.00
(W/ Customer Provided Excel SS)

Manual Input (per 100 names) —— $325.00
Monthly Maintenance ——————— $ 35.00

All prices are based on a standard 12 month contract
Prices are effective on all new contracts as of 1/31/2016.

A signed Contract and a 50% deposit is required for all new Design Packages

Non-Profit Organizations may be eligible for a 15 % design & service fee discount.

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I have included a PayPal link for the convenience of our customers, however other methods of payment are also acceptable upon the signing of the Services Contract. 
If you do not have a PayPal Account you make sign in as a guest to make payments to me. 
Please note:  Paymnets through

PayPal are subject to an Additional 3%  Sir Charge.
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